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Mobilon Tape
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Mobilon Tape has been developed by NISSHINBO with their peculiar technology for polyurethane extrusion molding. The tapes possesses a number of unique characteristics which the existing rubber and other synthetic resins do not have. Mobilon tapes are nowadays widely employed by garment industry in the world.  And, thanks to its excellent properties, new and unique applications are being created time to time in a variety of sectors of industries.


  • Much higher endurance than rubber.
  • Proven resistance against perspiration, Urine, Oil, Water, Sea-water, Lt. Acid, Cosmetics, General Solvent, etc.
  • Slim, thin, supple and light weight with necessary stretch power.
  • About 1/3 thickness of standard rubber tape is sufficient to get the same elasticity.  Gives the maximum elegance to the stretch part of garment and assures the best comfort in wearing, e.g. for ladies' underwear.
  • Soft but firm and comfortable fit of garment on the body,  No feel of pinch, itch and irritation.  (Food for Diaper, Infant-wear, Underwear).
  • Completely safe for human body.  No content of any injurious substances such as Formalin, Sulfur, Lead, Arsenic, etc.
  • Good washability and quick-drying, dry-cleanable.
  • Useful in cold environment, and does not lose elasticity even at -35C.
  • Super high resistance against rubbing.
  • Wide range of thickness, width and colors for the best variety of users' choice.

General Properties

Specific Gravity   1.1 - 1.2
Elongation   300 - 400% (4-5 times stretch)
Breaking Tenacity   0.7 - 0.8 g/d
Modular Of Elasticity   70
Environment Resistance   Much better than rubber.  It could become somewhat yellowish when stored under the direct sunlight for a long time, and by direct exposure to NOx gas.  But, yellowing causes no change in properties.
Heat Resistance   Good at normal temperatures.  But, the length can slightly expand at temperatures over 80C.
Washability   Far better than rubber.  Cry-cleanable,  But, no use of chlorine bleacher is recommended.
Durability   No change in tenacity after expansion to 200% (3 times stretch) for 10,000 times.  But, the original length becomes longer by about 6-10% due to a residual elongation after first several times of expansions.  (So, it is recommended to use suitably a shorter length than measured length.)


Range of width & Thickness   Width : 3 mm to 30 mm
Thickness : 0.11mm to 0.3 mm
Identifications Of Art No.   MW-06|05
The first 2 digits mean the Denier value, e.g. "06" stands for 6,000 Denier while "30" for 30,000 Denier and so on.
The last 2 digits tell the width of the tape in unit of mm.
Working Out The Length Per Kg   9,000,000/Denier = length (metres) per kg.
Example : MW-0605
9,000,000 / 6,000 = 1,500 metres / kg.
Working Out The Approximate Thickness   Denier / width (mm.) x 10,800 = thickness (mm.)
Example : MW-3010
30,000 / (10 x 10,800) = 0.28 mm.

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